It is a form of intelligence test of oneself, through IQ quiz, or also known as the online IQ Test. The test rule is fairly simple, within 20 minutes, people who would like to test IQ must pass 33 questions. And for each question, there is a matched IQ score, based on that we can measure IQ.

The questions have difficulty level ranging from easy to difficult and are mainly constructed with 100% image. The question here is: Why is that? Why do all of them need to be picture? This will make the test lose diversity and abundance, doesn’t it?

Because the Gratis Quick IQ test by images is highly equitable. That is, a person who does not need to go to school, does not know words, comes from any country can still test IQ. That will reflect test result most accurate.

Of course there are tests with digits and images. Those are Recruitment Free IQ Tests, quite common in current recruitment interviews for positions such as programmers, bankers ...

And a rather interesting information you may not know, Google - the search engine on "huge" level in the world - had once challenged candidates applying for job to solve a quick IQ test that is as tough as the difficulty level of IQ 140 and only 2% of population ratio can test IQ and get to this level.


Based on the score result after people test IQ, we have the following categories:

-  Score from below 89, which is low (16% of population)
-  Score from 90-119, which is normal (68% of population)
-  SScore from 120-129, which is intelligent (14% of population)
-  Score from 130-145, which is very clever (2% of population)
-  Score from 145 upwards, genius (0.1% of population)
-  So you're an ordinary person or a genius, but even you yourself have not discovered? Look for the answer here!

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